Project Island is a game based on the LEGO® Island series.


What is LEGO® Island?

LEGO® Island was a game series where you play as the skating pizza delivery boy Pepper Roni. In the games, you got to do all kinds of missions and go on all kinds of great adventures. From throwing pizza’s in robot’s faces, riding a jetski, race car, or a pony, exploring a desert temple, catching a criminal, starring in a stunt movie… Pepper has done it all!

The original LEGO® Island was released in 1997 and was acclaimed for being among the first games to have a fully explorable 3D environment. Along with quirky characters and humour, it became one of the best-selling computer games of the year and stole a lot of kid’s hearts.

So… What is the project about?

We want to bring Pepper Roni back for a final adventure and create a sequel to the series. In this installation, you will be able to create your own adventure and do all the fun things the island has to offer in any way you please. You can become the fastest pizza deliverer of the planet, or just chill around the beach all day. It’s all up to you!

Instead of a forced storyline, the islanders will offer you missions you can do at any time to progress in the game which will unlock new stuff such as cars and gear you can use freely in the world. We want to combine the nostalgia and unique feeling of the original games and give it our own take for a fresh experience.

What are you working on right now?

We are creating a first playable demo called ‘Port Pizza’. It takes place on a separate island which creates room for us to develop the game’s mechanics while having more freedom over the content. You can see some of it on the development updates on our YouTube channel.

How can I help?

To achieve this, we need your help. Are you a developer comfortable with Unity, a (texture) artist, a voice actor or can help with anything else developing the game and everything around it?

Please use the contact form with some examples of former work and we’ll get back to you!