Do you want to be a part of creating Pepper’s new adventures? Awesome!

We are looking for a musician to work on creating the soundtrack for the game. You will produce original tracks that fit the mood and style of the game and/or play instrumental parts. You will work together with other composers and instrumentalists to create tracks together and may also create your own tracks from scratch.

Typically we don’t directly create from any single reference track, but have prompts available in specific genres with reference playlists. You will have a large amount of creative freedom to create tracks, and applications are not locked to any genre.

We like to see samples of your work and will listen for your instrumentation choices, quality of mixing, mastering and composition.

Why join Project Island?

Apply now and you might join an international team that is clicked together by a passion for LEGO Island, gaming, pizza, or all of the above! We are fully remote and volunteer-based creating this game together. While we have a process to select who joins the team, we don’t require a specific level of experience. Our team consists of both industry veterans and beginners without any game development experience, the passion and commitment are key factors we value the most.

For the project, tasks are available for you to work on async. We will help you to select things that you both like to make, and are fit to the time and skills you have available. Being on the team also gives you an opportunity to get and give feedback to improve your skills and contribute your brick to Project Island.



  • Please submit examples of former work
  • Must be 16 or over to apply

You can apply for the team using the contact form below or by sending your application to

Please note it may take up to two weeks for us to get back on applications, though it’s usually much sooner. Feel free to reach out if you have not heard back from us!

Application Form