Brick by Brick has a lot of incorrect lyrics online, we’re here to fix that! We’ve been in contact with the amazing Henry & Kathleen who created this track who sent the correct lyrics over.

Especially the line after ‘you can paint a jetski yellow like a duck’ is often misheard as master of the universe. While Pepper does specify for those qualifications, the correct line should be ‘Master of the trannieverse‘ (as in transmission).


To end the confusion for once and for all, we have got the correct lyrics, as written by Kathleen Enright!


LEGO Island – Brick by Brick lyrics:

1997 K.Enright/H.Salvia


Verse 1:

You can build a buggy, drive a big tow truck

You can paint a jetski yellow like a duck

Master of the trannieverse there ain’t no trick

You just gotta do it… Brick by Brick



Brick by Brick, tock by tick

No matter how thin, no matter how thick

Papa told Mama, and Laura told Nick

You can move a mountain if you do it Brick by Brick


Verse 2:

Faster than a skateboard, bigger than a bike

Louder than a DJ scratchin’ all night

Pedal to the metal, hecka Lego squeal

You’re in the driver’s seat, when you’re behind the wheel




Verse 3:

Are you game, boy? It’s a riot, girl!

Click on the stick, let’s go for a whirl

Gonna cruise the Island, there’s somethin’ you should know

When you block the road, you’re gonna get towed!




Verse 4:

I built a cool machine, red, yellow and black

There ain’t no doodad this device lacks

All around the island, we’re goin’ round the bend

Break it down baby, brick it up again



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