Castor Craft

I’m Jeff, also known as Beaver. I’m a media professional who loves to work hard; you could say I’m busy as a Beaver… ya. But in truth, I’m always learning and striving for new heights, troubleshooting problems, and taking on new challenges. Since I started working in media, I’ve had a chance to grow skills in video production, animation, art, modeling, sound editing, special effects, compositing, and much more.

As a kid, I loved Lego Island along with other games of the 90’s and early 2000’s. These games included Oregon Trail II, Star Wars Droid Works, Lego Racers, Rock Raiders, Disney Interactive, Humongous Games, and several education games. I learned from these games and believe that the best entertainment are the ones that encourage mental development. And what develops the mind’s creativity like Legos? I used to dream of being able to contribute to a Lego game, now that dream has become a reality. I’m glad to be here.