Hi, hello

I am what they call a Crembotz, a 25 year old software engineer hailing from Israel and one of the programmers working on Project Island. What is a Crembotz you ask? A Crembo is a chocolate treat made in Israel and the “tz” suffix was added to make it sound cooler then how much it already does. You guys don’t do that? So weird…

I enjoy video games, anime and probably any other dorky thing you can come up with(seriously, try me).

The first video game I played was LEGO Racers and closely after that LEGO Island 2, so you can imagine how close to my heart the classic LEGO games and just LEGO in general are. My biggest hope is to develop and design video games professionally and Project Island is a great place to kickstart that career path.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the project and thank you for reading my profile, rest assured we are doing our best to bring you a great game!