From the depths of the insanity of the Phanta Sea came a very hairy man on a quest to bring the visions of old back to Lego Island before he was hit in the head by a coconut. He was promptly brought to the Hospital by Enter and Return and was promptly forgotten about until he recently awoke yelling incoherent things and employed ducks to code something. Months later this hairy man is now part of Project Island writing code for the new game and helping to somewhat recreate the late Wes’ vision for Lego Island.


More months have now passed and now DuckingDuke is slipping further down the slope of insanity after issue after issue block his path to programmer godhood but the adversity fills him with determination. He now spends his days running about and shouting all kinds of incoherent nonsense at Bill Ding which leads to hilarious scenes but sadly no cameras are ever present to catch these scenes on image. Below is also a pie chart to represent DuckingDuke’s mental stability ever since joining the renovation team of Lego Island.

DuckingDuke's mental state during the project

More months have passed and DuckingDuke went missing. Search parties couldn’t find him save for the occasional note saying he was still around. The search went on for a long time before he was found on a small unmapped island in the middle of nowhere surrounded by ducks, dogs and cats. All he had on the island was a chair and a tent standing between some palm trees. Upon being asked how he ended up here he didn’t really know the answer, only that he was so stressed that he needed a vacation to his own little island. Afterwards he was promptly brought back to the civilized world together with all his animal friends. A doctor then told DuckingDuke not to program anymore as it made his mind go boom. Obviously this is a problem but the day was saved by the return of Tobi which gave DuckingDuke and his animal brigade the time to come up with a way to combine donuts and pizza into a single food to conquer all foods.

We will keep you posted with further news, until then this has been Dukey Duck with Channel 9 Chaos Island News