Electricstar is one of the team’s voice actors and quite possibly a writer, depends on various things up to and including: his time, his mood, his motivation, his will to live, his horoscope, his fortune cookie message, and which impossible angle he rolled out of bed in the morning. The classic LEGO games were a big part of his childhood so when he found out about this project, he dived right in to be a part of it… probably because it’s one of the few parts of his childhood that didn’t involve people pointing and laughing at him. He has been voice acting since May of 2009 and has amassed a large resume of roles ranging from Screwattack’s Death Battle to DasBoSchitt’s Gmod Idiot Box Series. Despite this, he is not a professional voice actor even though it’s by far his greatest desire in life and is forced to watch all the people who were once his peers become professionals, which totally hasn’t shaken his confidence and will to live at its core… Still, because he has nothing else to do on this planet until his time comes, he still voice acts because it’s what he loves and is neck-deep in denial that he’ll never get anywhere with it.


You can find him as part of Ze Pyromancers and Power Crunch, two online teams that are so ungodly underrated that it should be a crime, maybe it’s because they don’t intentionally overreact in front of a webcam while playing video games.