Floris (MineTimelapser)

Hello! My name is Floris and I started this project because I love LEGO Island.
Here’s my story:

My love for LEGO games all started at my grandma’s house. A dusty old PC and a CD-ROM disc of the game LEGO Racers. I enjoyed playing the game so badly: finding secret shortcuts, unlocking new tracks and parts for your car.

After a while, I really wanted to be able to play the game at home but only was able to find a 3-pack also including Rock Raiders and Island 2, and oh boy did I not mind that.

So fueled with a healthy dose of nostalgia I started this project and it became much bigger than I originally intended. I really enjoy seeing how much people still know and have good memories of the games. It’s an amazing experience talking to the people who made the original trilogy and I’m super thrilled that some are even so interested that they joined the project. It really is beyond my wildest dreams.