Floris (MineTimelapser)

Hello! My name is Floris and I am a huge sucker for orchestral music, fancy Unity editor tools and Samoyed puppies. I also happen to be the one who started the project out of my love for LEGO Island.


This love for LEGO games all started at my grandma’s house. A dusty old PC and a CD-ROM disc of the game LEGO Racers. I enjoyed playing the game so badly! Finding secret shortcuts, unlocking new tracks and collecting parts for my car was a huge joy for me.


After a while, I really wanted to be able to play the game at home but only was able to find a 3-pack also including Rock Raiders and Island 2 and oh boy did I not mind that.


So, fueled with a healthy dose of nostalgia I started this project and the rest is history. The project became much bigger than I originally intended. I enjoy seeing how much people still know and have good memories of the games. It is an amazing experience talking to the people who made the original trilogy and I am super thrilled that some are even so interested that they joined the project. It really is beyond my wildest dreams and I am excited to make it a reality.