An avid runner with a video game problem. Keys started playing video games on his parents old Windows 95 machine. The first game being LEGO Island. He holds fond memories of that game, its characters, locations, and music. His dad kind of looks like the Infomaniac and he still thinks Enter and Return are the best characters in any video game ever. This fire has always burned inside him and is how he discovered Project Island.

He funds his video game addiction by playing with explosives for a living. He also likes to run long distances for fun. Not sure which one makes him sound more crazy.

One day maybe Keys will realize how important sleep is to his health, but until then he’ll be playing games/developing until the wee hours of the night and then wake up a few hours later to go on a long run.

His favorite color is teal and his favorite genres of music are EDM and video game soundtracks. Especially LEGO Island, Kingdom Hearts, and the Ace Combat series