Hello Project Island enthusiasts! My name is Mark and today I’ll be explaining who I am.

From a young age I was obsessed with Lego, it was about the only thing I played with. At a certain point I got enough sets to put them all together and make my own Lego City. This city grew to a point my parents started complaining about a lack of walking space, but I always tried to shrug at their remarks.

This may come as a surprise, but I also adored any of the classic Lego games I could get my hands on. Some of my fondest memories come from Lego Island 2 and Xtreme Stunts, with a dash of Lego Racers. Despite not being the longest games they all had their ways to immerse me, whether it be charming characters or crazy environments, there was always something fun for me to do.

As Lego is known for allowing kids to be creative, I took that creativity and brought it to the digital world with me. It would start with making fangames like a Mario multiplayer game or maybe a Pacman clone. I eventually grew out to create my own pixel art style and follow a game development higher education so I could officially be called a game developer. I’ve never felt so much freedom from making games, turning the wildest fantasies into a reality is a dream come true!

That’s when I found Project Island, an opportunity to bring another fantasy to life! I applied as a programmer and the rest is history.

Nowadays I try my best bringing the most fun gameplay experiences to the comfort of your own home, probably while showing each tiny step along the way to anyone unfortunate enough to be in listening range.

Hope to meet you on the island soon!