What do you get when you combine a Juggler, a Programmer, and an Electrical Engineering student?

These are the three core characteristics of Necromaticon. Necro is a programmer within the project. He mainly works on behind the scenes stuff like NPCs, or the Radio system. The type of programming that is hard to appreciate.

Outside of Project Island, Necromaticon studies Electrical Engineering in Germany and hacks his way through life. He is also a juggler, mostly known for his mastery of the Diabolo.

This particular specimen likes to listen to all kinds of Electronic music, but only prefers one artist in each genre. S3RL, Renard, Vicetone, Caravan Palace, Alligatoah, Gorillaz, and Billy Talent are all viable options for this weirdo.

Necro remembers playing LEGO Island 2 when he was 4, but the main issue was that his computer stank. Due to a bug concerning, what he can only assume to be, the rendering, he was unable to reach Castle Island or any of the other islands because the portals never showed up in-game.

Now Necro studies the inner workings of computers and other systems to hunt the bug that caused his LEGO Island 2 experience to shatter!