Hey this is Purple, I’m the white boy who plays that funky music. My main job description in the dev team is Composer/Sound Designer. I make sure the sounds sound good and won’t make your ears bleed. Additionally I am also the Team Manager which means making sure everyone keeps the team updated about their tasks.

Like most of the dev members here I grew up with the classic LEGO games. I only played the second entry in the Island series when I was younger, but later on I grew an appreciation for the original and most of all the creative mind behind it, Wes Jenkins. To be working on a fan sequel to this beloved series with other people who also appreciate what Wes believed in, is a dream come true.

Outside of Project Island you can find me pretty much anywhere as Duncan Steven, and I like to plop out a song every now and then, work as a sound designer on games and occasionally yell into my microphone for some voice acting.